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44pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set

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44pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking - SORAKO44pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking - Strong magnetic rod44pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking - replaceable bits and nut drivers44pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking - easy to place

Item No.: STS44HM1

Complete specifications, suitable for home, outdoor, factory, commercial installation and maintenance, etc. The specifications are marked with identification for easy identification

Using S2 material, long life, professionals/DIY enthusiasts can use it for a long time

Dirt-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and can be used in extremely harsh environments

The ergonomic design of PP+TPR provides better grip

Especially suitable for gifts

2 in 1 magnetizing/demagnetizing tool, which can quickly magnetize or demagnetize the screwdriver bit

The set can be hung on the wall

The round porcelain bowl can hold different types of metal accessories to prevent the accessories from being scattered

The head is blackened to prevent rust and increase the bite force of the screw


Packaging accessories:

20pcs bit

5pcs sleeve

8pcs screwdriver

1pc round porcelain bowl

8pcs precision screwdriver

1pc screwdriver extension rod

1pc magnetizer/demagnetizer

Manual, warranty card, color box